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About KiMs

Private label crisps and snacks

At KiMs we have more than 20 years of experience in product development for private label to international customers.  Today, we produce products for some of the leading international chains.

KiMs is owned 100% by Orkla and forms part of the Chips Group. Orkla is Norway’s largest public limited company with a turnover of €7 billion. As Chips Group’s export company, KiMs is responsible for all sales in Western and Central Europe.

In Denmark, KiMs has a market share of approximately 50%, or five times that of its closest competitor.

At KiMs, we think about quality from start to finish: quality in our cooperation with customers, providing unique taste experiences in every bag of crisps and snacks. Quality in the delivery of products and quality control in production and environmental awareness, both inside and out.

Our policy is one of continuous improvement and we follow this up with concrete action. For example, we use sunflower oil instead of palm oil more and more. In this way we can focus more on preventing allergens in the development of new products.

The KiMs brand name without an s was first registered in 1961. In 1963, the first salted peanuts appeared on shop shelves in Denmark, but it was not until in 1965 that the products were introduced in Denmark under the now so well-known KiMs brand name.



Throughout our production process we are aware that many people have one or more form of food allergy.

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Range and Products

The experience we have as Nordic market leaders and as a power brand is something we want to pass on to our customers.

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