KiMs - Wide assortment of crisps, snacks and nuts

Fulfilling customer needs

Crips, snacks and natural snacks.

As the Nordic markets leader, Chips Group and KiMs can boast a wide assortment of crisps, snacks and nuts. KiMs’ modern and high-tech production equipment makes it possible for us to offer flexible oil supply, reduced fat technology, oil spraying and individual flavour drums from each packing line.

Here are our main categories:

• Flat cut
• Ribbed crisps
• Crinkles
• Reduced fat crisps
• Semi batch cooked

• Extruded products
• Pellet products
• Popcorn
• Bacon products
• Peanuts

Natural snacks
• Assorted nuts
• Tropical fruits and nuts
• Pistachio nuts
• Cashew nuts


Our History

In 1965 the products were first introduced in Denmark under the now well known KiMs brand name. Read more


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